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Inversion of the metaverse march

Published by Zach Cardoza.

There are tropes in the world that defy all attempts at deprecation. Post-it note-covered desks, dogeared scribble pads, boxes of receipts, bulging 3-ring binders, and overflowing voicemail inboxes are all vestiges of a very real world that refuses to succumb to the organized rigor of a digital world. These defiant relics of our desire for expanding knowledge beyond our mental capacity are reminders that this world is first and foremost a physical reality. Why then do we feel the need to wrangle these tropes into the limited gateways to the digital realm that we currently possess?

I have long thought of solving the world's problems through a 4.3" digital screen as the ultimate goal of every developer. The unrelenting march toward a metaverse future seemed to solidify this assertion as the digital experience will grow ever larger and our world will slowly slide into a fully digital experience. However, as I spent time thinking about these tropes which have survived all attempts at elimination, regardless of how skeuomorphic or seemingly effortless, I realized that perhaps we are marching towards an inversion of the metaverse. An expansion of digital interfaces to meet mankind where we are right now, rather than attempting to bend every human experience into a digital representation.

With this realization came a call to delve into the edges of current digital interfaces and uncover what we've been overlooking. What interfaces have we been overlooking? Why is there so much friction in giving up these tropes? I hope to find the answer to a few of these questions and to begin work on projects that will help invert this march.